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20 February 2023

NEW! Serving Board

News, Optional

We proudly present our new Harlinger Plankje!A ceramic Serving Board with fresh colors. It is 100% handmade and one of a kind!14,5 x 29,5 cm.    ...

18 July 2022

We have postcards!

News, Optional

We have 6 new postcards for sale! €1.50 each and 6 for €7.50. At this moment they are only for sale in the shop and factory! Later this year we will expand the series of postcards....

6 July 2022

Did u know?

News, Optional

– Our second choice Frisian whites are in stock. – Our second choice Frisian whites are affordable. – It’s all hand made. – We are open at The Tall Ships Race Harlingen. – We celebrate our 50th (!)...

12 January 2022

A happy client!

News, project, Optional

We got this picture from a happy client! We made this custom tableau which is inspired by our tableau Goldene Gans. The combination of the tile wall with mixed frysian whites and the modern black kitchen is beautiful!...

3 January 2022

Harlinger 50th Anniversary!

News, Optional

This year we celebrate our 50th anniversary! The Harlinger Pottery and Tile Factory was established in 1972 by Henk and Maaike Oswald. In 1994 Rikus Oswald, the son of Henk and Maaike, joined the company and since 2005 he is in charge....

1 December 2021


In the media, News, Optional

Congratulations to De Librije Zwolle to win the first prize Lekker500! We are proud to have made these custom plates. We have made three plates for these restaurants: 1. De Librije Zwolle *** 2. Tribeca ** 3. Inter Scaldes ***  ...

16 June 2021

Geese are pretty cheeky birds!

News, Optional

Geese are pretty cheeky birds! They will step into your kitchen with their dirty feet! Fortunately, these are beautifully depicted on tile pictures and you don’t have to clean the floor! For a beautiful, authentic tile floor or...

30 November 2020

“Work in Progress:” Nyborg!

News, , Optional

The huge job for Nyborg Castle is progressing steadily: Many thousands of floor tiles have now been completely formed by hand in Medieval sizes. In the meantime, we are also busy with glazing and firing. 4 craftsmen work full-time on...

18 July 2020

Modern pottery and tiles

News, Optional

Our new line of artisan pottery has a modern look with a historical touch. According to the latest trends with splashes but also with a small decor in fine paintwork. During the development of the new line with splashes in the...

24 December 2019

Painting studio has moved

News, , Optional

from now on our painting studio has been added to our pottery production, at our location on the Oude Trekweg in Harlingen. As a result, we will no longer be present on working days at 84 Voorstraat in Harlingen. Our store and showroom...

13 February 2018

Tableaus Rederij Doeksen ready for transport


Ready for Transport to Vietnam! The tableaux were worked on for 4 months with 2 painters. A total of 120 square meters of tiling will be installed on the new ships of Doeksen, the Willem Barentsz & Willem de Vlamingh. After the...

27 November 2017

Artwork N31 by Jan Roos in the making

News, Optional

Artwork N31 Jan Roos is currently painting on the frost-resistant tiles for the artwork along the N31. The total work of art consists of two tile pictures, each 13 meters long, which will decorate the balustrades of the oval...

6 November 2017

Authentic craft for Lekker500 winners


The top 3 of Lekker500 2018 was, just like last year, surprised with a beautiful handmade plate from the Harlinger Earthenware & Tile Factory. The winners Jonny and Thérèse Boer van de Librije were unable to attend and will receive...

2 October 2017

Attention to Frisian Pottery in Berlin


Frisian Pottery received the necessary attention in the Museum Europäischer Kulturen in Berlin last September. For two months there was an exhibition about the ‘Frisians’ in the Museum Europäischer Kulturen in Berlin....

25 September 2017

Tiles for wall eatery


The Appeltje Eetcafé & Pâtisserie recently opened in Oldenburg. In this cozy interior, our handmade whites are used in the wall of the kitchen. Our handmade blue tiles are also incorporated into the wall, which gives a very special...

24 July 2017

Unique jewelry with Harlinger tile


Jeweler Bontekoe has made a number of pendants from real silver containing a piece of a Harlinger tile. This creates a unique handmade piece of jewelry. Last weekend we brought these necklaces to the Big Favorites. If you missed that,...

19 April 2017

New corporate video


This is the new corporate movie. This video, made by Van den Berg Mediaproductions, clearly shows what it takes to make hand-shaped and hand-painted tiles or earthenware....