Authentic craft for Lekker500 winners

6 November 2017

The top 3 of Lekker500 2018 was, just like last year, surprised with a beautiful handmade plate from the Harlinger Earthenware & Tile Factory. The winners Jonny and Thérèse Boer van de Librije were unable to attend and will receive the sign at another occasion. The second place is for Inter Scaldes in Kruiningen and the third place went to Jannis and Claudia Brevet.

The festive announcement of the new Lekker Top-10, also the launch of the 40th edition of the Netherlands’ oldest and most widely read culinary guide, took place in the Scheltema bookstore in Amsterdam, which has been transformed into a pop-up restaurant.

The plates are turned by hand and glazed and painted by hand. You can read our working method here, the pottery is discussed at the bottom of the page.