New series of traditional pottery

18 July 2017

Our new line of artisan pottery has a modern look with a historical touch. According to the latest trends with splashes but also with a small decor in fine paintwork. During the development of the new line with splashes in the traditional blue and white combination, we discovered that such a design was already used in the 17th century. The shards with blue splashes were found in Harlingen. They say that all trends come back. It just goes to show how progressive they were in Harlingen back then.

We make everything by hand, so this series is also completely hand-formed, glazed and painted.

The Spat collection consists of mugs (200cc), small dishes (6x13cm), large dishes (7x18cm) and tiles (13×13 cm).

Decorations are available in the following themes: boats, flowers, insects, landscapes, shells and fish.

If you are interested in including this line in your store, please contact us for a price list. The price list also contains images of all variants.