bouwkeramiek restauratie bungehuis

Restoration of Building Ceramics in Bungehuis Amsterdam

9 January 2018

Our restoration team is currently working on location on a special building in Amsterdam. We are involved in the restoration of the Bungehuis. The Bungehuis was built in 1932 to a design by architect A.D.N. van Gendt. Bunge himself also influenced the design, which wanted to see austere forms ‘without decorations of sculpture or painting’. That is why the building probably houses a lot of building ceramics from the 1st quarter of the 20th century. Since November 2017, 3 restorers have been busy restoring and conserving thousands of tiles.

The work

The activities mainly consist of the restoration and conservation of broken and damaged tiles in various places in the building. This can be done on site by means of cold glaze restorations. As a result, we leave a lot of the original tiling intact. In addition, we remove original tiles without damage so that they can be used elsewhere. We are also allowed to restore and complete the monumental stairwell. All in all, it is a nice honorable job on location.

SOHO House

After the restoration, the Bungehuis will function as the exclusive society of the Soho House with a restaurant, a wellness complex and 79 hotel rooms.

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