Floor tilesThe range of traditional floor tiles consists of screeds and tiles in different colors and different finishes. Our tiles and screeds are still completely made in the old traditional way. Shaping and glazing by hand equals the character that is so characteristic of the heavily used old screeds of farms and houses from before 1900. The traditional style is yellow-green checkered, as shown below. One screed is 22 x 22 x 2.5 cm. The size of one tile is 20 x 20 x 1.5 cm. Due to the glaze layer, our hand-shaped screed is suitable for normal traffic areas. They are waterproof due to the glaze layer, virtually maintenance-free and can be cleaned with any normal cleaning agent. Due to its wear-resistant glaze layer, our hand-shaped tile is also suitable for intensive traffic areas. A floor with Harlinger screeds or tiles is extremely suitable for combining with an underfloor heating system because the heat is retained for much longer. Our screeds are known for their beautiful colors. In addition to the traditional yellow and green, many more colors are now available. The Harlinger Screed is available in both smooth and matt versions. We often know the screed floor in a glazed form, but there is also the so-called braised version. The braised screeds are often gray to anthracite. By extracting oxygen from the baking process and adding extra coal, you get this color. This floor is porous and therefore requires treatment with wax, oil or another impregnation to be water-repellent. For a maintenance-free floor, a matt transparent glaze layer is also possible. The tiles can also be used as wall tiling. Eetcafe Appeltje in Oldenburg has the blue tiles on the wall and that gives a special effect due to the lively surface.

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