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12 April 2021


Projects, Optional

We were able to create a beautiful Waddensea story made for a customer to break with the panelling in the kitchen. Among all the beauty what the Waddensea offers, personal wishes are also incorporated, such as the old fishing boat of...

18 February 2021

Every bird sings as it is beaked

Projects, Optional

Slowly we awake from hibernation and long for spring. We made a small selection of the many bird designs we have in our collection. We do not only paint these on tiles, but also on beautiful Pottery. Handicraft from Harlingen!...

8 January 2021

As promised!

Projects, Optional

Last picture made by: Joachim de Ruijter Here are the second round photos, of the beautiful tile pictures of the Twin ships (Willem Barentsz and Willem de Vlaming) by Doeksen! A photo of the end result, a photo straight from the...

4 January 2021

Did you hear it?

Projects, Optional

  The story about the 2 new ferries from Doeksen, the 2 Twin ships: The Willem Barentsz and Willem de Vlaming? After a long and arduous adventure, it finally arrived in Harlingen in 2019. Unfortunately, it turned out that a lot of...

14 December 2020

Custom made

Projects, Optional

The client’s wish was to match the colors of the paintwork to the curtains that were already bought. This is the true strength of manual craft: as a flexible organization we can easily meet this requirement without major...

26 November 2020

PhD in Maritime Archeology

Projects, Optional

You may have recently had a nice broadcast about the special history of the former Zuiderzee at the name of seen the current Noordoost Polder? If not, check here. There, the doctorate Yftinus van Popta spoke enthusiastically about...

22 October 2020

Nautical Dutch Glory!

Projects, Optional

Our world-renowned shipping and merchant marine lends itself to many purposes. Here is a good example where history and current events meet for beautiful snapshots!  ...

29 August 2017

5 reasons why our Frisian whites are special


Frisian witjes has become a collective name for traditional white tiles from Friesland in the traditional dimensions of 13 x 13 cm. In some cases, the corner decor tiles are also referred to as white, so it’s a fairly broad term....