Art Nouveau tile tableau restored

This project involved exactly reproducing the Art Nouveau tile pictures of Schrans 22 in Leeuwarden that had been destroyed by fire.

After the fire in 2012, only the façade was still partly intact. Nothing remained of the monumental tile pictures, originally made by the Koninklijke van Hulst in Harlingen. After thorough archival research, the Harlinger Pottery and Tile Factory has succeeded in producing very lifelike replica tile pictures using authentic techniques. The tile panels are made of frost-resistant ceramic.

Argelo bicycle factory was built around 1903 on Schrans 22. Facade advertising was emerging around 1900. Argelo also wanted to show with tile pictures above the windows of his new factory which dynamic products he could deliver. The Tableau is made in Art Nouveau style. Art Nouveau is a late nineteenth century style characterized by geometric patterns, graceful arches, whiplash lines, intertwined floral motifs and graceful female figures. It was used in architecture and unique pieces, but also in mass products such as vases, jewelery, lamps and posters.

The tableau was unveiled on Friday October 6, read more here.

The Leeuwarder Courant also wrote a report about it.