largest tableau ever for Chateau Mukhrani

Ferring International has been using the Georgian Chateau Mukhrani for PR purposes since last year and wanted to have the castle depicted in its meeting and wellness complex on the German island of Föhr. There the tile panel of 25 square meters will be placed on the wall by the pool.

Design of the tableau Chateau Mukhrani

“The client’s wish was to move the situation of Chateau Mukhrani to the 19th century when all transportation was done by horse and carriage. In close collaboration with former RSG drawing teacher Simon Vestdijk, Jouke Hoekstra, the client’s wishes were translated into a design drawing. A nice extra to this is the availability of a beautiful Harlinger Majolica archaeological find via amateur archaeologist Luut de Haan. This 17th century excavation of an earthenware oil lamp, done near the East Gate where work is currently being done on the construction of the deepened N 31, shows the God of wine, Bacchus, sitting on a barrel of wine with a bunch of grapes in his hand. As if it had to be the case, these historic Harlingen elements have been richly incorporated into the design. ”

The painting was done by pottery painters Lucia Bazzano and Harm Posthumus.

The project has appeared extensively in the Frisian media. (Leeuwarder Courant)