Nameplate Klasina Seinstra for Elfstedentochtmonument

11 September 2017

We made the nameplate with the name and portrait of Klasina Seinstra for the Elfstedentochtmonument that has recently been unveiled. On Monday 11 September this article was published in the Leeuwarder Courant about the unveiling of this Elfstedentochtmonument. The monument consists of a cut-out steel plate, with tiles of some Eleven Cities riders on it. We made the first tiles that were attached to it for the opening, including those of Klasina Seinstra. The nameplates are handmade and then painted by hand. This monument can accommodate another 250 riders. These eleven cities riders will have to take the initiative for their own tile, just like with the larger artwork between Miedum and Gytsjerk. Of course riders who also want to have a tile plate made are more than welcome with us.

PHOTO: The last Elfstedenwinnar Klasina Seinstra at the monument in Vrouwenparochie. PHOTO HOGE NOORDEN/JAAP SCHAAF