Faith and a Lot of Love

26 September 2017

Faith and a Lot of Love from the EO was about Harlingen last night. Henk and Maaike Oswald, the founders of the Harlinger Pottery and Tile Factory, tell how it all came about and what is so special about Harlinger pottery. Henk Oswald says: “When we found the tiles here in the basement, we started looking, we searched in books, asked friends. And then it turned out that Harlingen had already had the first factory around 1590.” The pottery from Harlingen is recognizable according to Henk Oswald. “Everyone always talks about Delft blue, but this is 100% made in Harlingen, so Harlinger blue, because the Harlinger blue has a very special color”.

To see the piece about the Harlinger Pottery and Tile Factory you can use the link that goes to the entire broadcast.

Here the link to the broadcast:

“Mirjam looks for faith, hope and love in Harlingen. The only seaport in Friesland, where people live with their backs to the land and their faces to the sea.”